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Acum a început o nouă luptă în justiție, împotriva unei legi care spune că poate fi despăgubit cu doar Oricum sunt retardați habar n-au pe ce lume sunt.

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This black man was to be executed on November 20th for raping and murdering a white woman back in He had been implicated in other sex crimes as well, but in the case of Stacey Stites, the year-old white female he was convicted of raping and murdering, DNA evidence semen found on her body provide clear evidence Reed was the murderer.

Stites ended up dead. Just an inconvenient fact, when another innocent black man is the victim of a racist criminal justice system.

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The candidates for the Democrat Party nomination for President have made it quite clear criminal justice reform letting black and brown criminals out of jail is one of their highest motivations for seeking the job.

This is not hyperbole: the corporate media, white celebrities, white liberals, and probably 98 percent of blacks in America believe any and all non-white person on death row and in jail are a victim of a racist criminal justice system and deserve immediate exoneration.

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Articol S. De ce au fost gasiti nevinovati cei pedepsiti pe nedrept? Cine este autorul crimei si al violului?

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Articolul este lamentabil. Ce nu stie si nu spune S.

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