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My husband is a lawyer and legal academic, and I am a doctor and medical academic. Neither of us is in practice as we are trying to write a textbook.

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Our kids have graduated from college, so we have bronxville dating large, empty house. Hence our listing on Airbnb.

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We have several friends who love hosting and encouraged us to do it. So far so good! It has been fun and fascinating for us.

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We are still in touch with a number of our Airbnb-ers. We have lived here for 16 years and are very happy to help if you have logistical questions or particular needs. We are social people and love to get to know our guests a little.

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On the other hand, we respect everyone's privacy. Guests are often busy, the amount of interaction is up to you.

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My husband is a fanatic about baseball and blues, and we both love theater. We seem to own six motorcycles. All this proves that It is hard to describe oneself in a few lines.

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We write and teach, sometimes working at home. Neither of us is in practice as we are trying to w… află mai multe În timpul șederii Interaction is very much up to you.

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We are social people and really enjoy finding out about our guests. On the other hand, guests are often busy or tired and desire privacy, which we respect.

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We live and work here, so we are always available to answer questions, and we enjoy doing so. The bronxville dating is compartmentalized, however, and extremely soundproof, so you are unlikely to hear us or other guests unless you choose to.

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Interaction is very much up to you. On the other hand, guests are often busy or tired and desire privacy, which… află mai multe Jane este o Super-gazdă Super-gazdele sunt gazde cu experiență, evaluate la superlativ, care se angajează să le ofere oaspeților șederi de excepție.

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