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The domestic tourism, however, was developed to some extent in the years 70, but will have a decline in the 80s as a result of state control over the quota of fuel that can access an individual.

The overwhelming majority of places to accommodate were offered by hotels, motels and campgrounds. After the fall of communism and the transition to the free movement of persons and gradually to a market economy began to emerge and develop tourist pensions.

At the same time, reducing the working week, increased leisure time of individuals, has accelerated the development of tourism and increasing demand for overnight places.

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On the other hand, the concentration of population in urban centers has developed, in individuals, the need to escape in nature, in the countryside, on weekends or holidays, which have led to the development of rural tourism and agro-tourism. Based on these considerations, this paper captures the development of rural tourism demand and supply of accommodation places in agro-touristic boarding houses, in the period If before in Romania, as in other former communist countries, international tourism has been kept under very strict control, the changes faced by Romania with the transition to a market economy, implicitly influenced the tourism.

chittagong dating spot

The relatively low level of capital required to develop a tourism business and the great potential of Romania are factors that begin to lead the development of mass tourism. At the same time, at least where young people, has had a process of skills development on Internet use in the acquisition of touristic services.

chittagong dating spot

Take place thus, a process of phasing out the intermediate links, a process that favors both the supply and demand for tourist services. Definitely, the tourism and the agro-tourism must be visible on the internet.

Additional costs caused by this, 7 The USV Annals of Economics and Public Administration Volume 13, Issue 2 18can be recovered by increasing the number of arrivals and overnight stays, and thus revenue of boarding houses.

chittagong dating spot

Another important factor in the development of rural tourism is the changes in consumer behavior, driven indirectly by strong urbanization and concentration of population in urban centers increasingly higher. As a direct consequence, the behavior of the population of these chittagong dating spot centers there is a need to chittagong dating spot from everyday life in order to change the holiday destination for those active, mainly conducted in nature, which has significant implications for rural tourism activities.

The development of rural tourism and agro-tourism should take account a series of factors Nastase C. Given the economic and social changes faced by Romania during the transition years, in time, there have been changes in the classification of tourist units which performing activities rural tourism.

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The following chapters analyze the evolution of agro-tourism activity based on this structure. The places in rooms or establishments temporarily closed because of lack of tourists, for repairs or other reasons, are excluded.

chittagong dating spot