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Alte activități parlamentare Explicații scrise ale votului Deputații pot să depună o explicație scrisă privind modul în care au votat în ședință plenară. Dating vriedden cannot support the addition of this language, which is also a significant change to the original Daniel datând daniel position.

We strongly support visa-free travel, but not if the cost is language which puts in doubt the sovereignty and right to self-determination of the people of Gibraltar. However, by once again indulging in political grandstanding instead of seeking real solutions through deeper engagement and constructive dialogue, the European Parliament is making it more difficult to address these issues.

In particular, we cannot support attempts by the Parliament to extend its power to intervene in the domestic affairs of Member States and trigger punitive measures against them.

daniel datând daniel

Robust legal measures already exist in the EU to investigate and punish treaty breaches that undermine the rule of law and MEPs should not be attempting to politicise this process. For these reasons we are opposing this motion for resolution.

For instance, it specifically bans joint purchasing which is used by many small independent retailers, effectively a de facto ban on SMEs in the retail food sector. At the same time it expands the scope to include large manufacturers in the supply side, who have significantly more bargaining power than smaller retailers. Furthermore it arbitrarily bans some standard selling practices in the UK and other grocery markets that benefit the consumer, such as below cost selling for promotional purposes to introduce new products.

daniel datând daniel

These unnecessary changes will hurt consumer choice, raise consumer prices and will not in fact help suppliers. Articolulanexa III.

daniel datând daniel