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Carte audio Descriere Are you confused about what women want?

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Do you often wonder why the girls you're dating don't respond to you the way you would like to? Or after a few dates, they're not interested anymore in seeing you? Would you like to really become a special and unforgettable guy in women's eyes so that they wouldn't just dump you in the friends or acquaintances category?

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These and many other questions are answered in this book by dating and law of attraction coach Stella Belmar. And you get all the info from a woman's dating heart heart, which is really what you want when trying to be successful at dating.

Her dating advice and tips will give you ammunition to feel confident and secure in knowing that who you are and what you do will impress women.

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The information is not some shallow account of how to manipulate women in order to use them and get what you want. Instead, it is focused on how to be a quality man - a man that women are looking for and craving to meet.

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So, don't look any further, and uncover for yourself the secrets of how to really be the man women like.