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The aim is to institutionalize telemedicine in Romania and make the service easily accessible to patients during and after the pandemic. Many paediatric units in Romania are exploring how to replicate the project, which began in Cluj County in Alopedi is a phone triage service for children in Dating insight liana and in the diaspora that is now publicly owned and financed.

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Thirty-eight paediatricians work around the clock, taking calls from parents and advising on what type of medical care is needed.

Patients can then access the health system at the appropriate level, increasing efficiency and avoiding delays.

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She highlighted the model of successful collaboration between public and private sectors and between digital health and community projects, saying this could be shared with and implemented by other countries. It has proven to be a sought-after and valuable service both before and during the COVID pandemic. This followed a WHO policy dialogue on the proposal by the Paediatric Commission to update national health legislation to include phone triage.

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I used their services twice and they were very kind. The call waiting time is short and the doctors gave me all their attention. I found out about Alopedi a few years ago from a popular blogger. At first, I was reluctant to use such a service but, based on my personal experience, I would like the service to be extended nationwide.

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