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Mystery unsolved Putin's spokesman Dmitry Peskov has dismissed the rumours saying that it was a member of Putin's security. Online users, however, have taken the explanation with a pinch of salt: "Yeah, right - it was somebody from security. Because Putin always opens doors to his security guards," Mikhail Kozhukhov said on Facebook His comment was liked times.

A close look at the video shows that rather than a red dress, the passenger has a red bag on their lap.


Telegram channel Nomenklatura offered one theory: "Putin opened the door to grab his jacket. But the jacket was already taken, that's what the guard who was sat in the car showed him. We can see that a security officer in front of the car is holding Putin's jacket.

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He was sitting in the front. You can see an aide holding what looks like a jacket in the left of the image.

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Private Putin The volume of speculation shows the tremendous interest in Mr Putin's private life. Reporting on Putin's family has been virtually taboo in Russia.

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The president has always kept his personal life under a veil of secrecy. Ex-gymnast and politician Alina Kabayeva delhi girl dating site rumoured to have been romantically linked to the president for years, but it has never been confirmed.

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At a recent annual phone-inPutin said that he wanted his grandchildren to grow up away from the glare of publicity: "Regarding my grandchildren, one is already in nursery school. Please understand, I don't want them to grow up like some kind of royal princes.

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I want them to grow up like normal people. If I now said something about their name and age, they will immediately be identified, and will never have any peace. This damages the child's development.

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