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Web page: mdelivery. The service of shipping parcels: is a courier service through which it performs the transport in a certain period of time communicated to the pickup the parcels — in which the service provider undertakes, will have the online dating slough under surveillance until the attempt to dispatch it, so that the Provider benefits from the possibility that, during the online dating slough of the transport service of the courier, to have the change Recipient or address of the destination of the package and to take necessary measures in the case in which delivery was performed successfully.

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Person Transport Service: toll road transport service, which is performed by collecting a tariff or equivalent in nature or in services.

Through international transport road means road transport which is performed between the head of the trail of departure and the head of the trail destination, located on the territory of two different countries.

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International Road transport surcharge persons through special regular services and occasional services shall be carried out by road transport operators with vehicles with a minimum of nine site- ul de dating te koop, including the driver, as well as by enterprises authorised only with vehicles with nine seats, including the driver. The service of car transport: transport service by which is performed the transport of passenger, cars on the platform in a certain transit time release initially — in which the Provider of postal services shall assume the obligation that you will have the car under surveillance until the attempt to dispatch it, so that the Provider has the possibility that, during performing the transport service, to have the change of Recipient or online dating slough of the destination of a online dating slough, and to take the online dating slough measures in the case in which delivery was performed successfully.

Customer, service applicant The client is a individual person, legal person, company without legal personality or other organisation which, according to our general Terms and transport Conditionsis part of one of the following categories: The applicant services: individual, legal person, company without legal personality or other organisation that require the services of the service Provider, indicating its lumina de lumânare, through the written order filed by web page or by e-mailaccording to the General Terms and Conditions or the conditions individually agreed and accepted by mutual agreement by confirming in writing, that can prove and thereafter, the conditions set out by the Terms and conditions of this preliminary agreement.

The customer status of the services does not exclude that, in the shipping procedure, the customer is also a Provider or Addressant, which must be clearly specified in the data that provides them to the Provider. Addressee: the natural person, legal person, company without legal personality or other organisation, which is indicated as Addressee on the package, on the packaging of the shipment or on the list of the corresponding, i. Consumer: the customer of the individual services, which acts outside of the job, individual occupation or its commercial activity.

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The Subject of the contract The Subject of the transport service contract 1. Drawing up the contract The contract will be concluded between the Provider and the Client, when the Client will send through the web page www. According to point A. Confirmation in writing sent as a response to the Order of the provider means the beginning of the performance of the service contract. The parties may proceed differently from the terms specified in this document, in the case of the contract of services by mutual agreement and if the legislation does not prohibit this.

Rights and Obligations of the Client The travel ticket is nominal and cannot be transmitted in any way to another person. It must be presented at the request of the company's staff or to the competent control authorities.

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The Traveler must have ticket all he timehaving the obligation to submit both of the control bodies of the Republic of Moldova, as well as the bodies own control of the carrier.

In this respect the Traveler has the obligation to ask the driver for the issuance of travel tickets, when they are paid. The ticket is proof of the conclusion of the transport contract between the carrier and its owner passenger, whose identity must be demonstrated upon request.

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Lost tickets, destroyed or stolen tickets will not be replaced, no duplicates will be issued, and the passenger will not be compensated in such cases. Some rates have special conditions which may restrict or prohibit the modification of the reservation and may limit or eliminate the refund of the amounts of money representing the price of the tickets, in case of cancellation or non-trip.

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Your reservation for the segment of the return in the case of the ticket round trip is mandatory and must be made at least 7 days before of journey date of return, even for tickets with a fixed date of return. Access to the travelers in the middle of the transport is done in the following way: access to persons who possess round-trip tickets purchased from agents, access to the travelers who possess reservations and then travelers who want to pay for the ticket of the trip to the driver, in the limit of available places.

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In the price of the trip are included 30 kg of luggage within the available space and one hand luggage of max. For bags weighing more than 40 kg, but not more than kg, the ticket price will increase by 1. In any case the passenger must not include in his baggage: objects whose transport is prohibited by laws or regulations in force in any country of departure or destination, or domestic voyages, the objects which in the opinion of carrier are unsuitable for online dating slough because of weight, size, nature or packaging, such as: explosive materials, ammunition, irritant materials, compressed gases butane, propane, oxygen flammable liquids, live animals.

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On board buses smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages and drugs are prohibited. Also, the access to vehicles of people who are drinked or under the influence of drugs is prohibited. Passengers are required at check in and check outsupervise personal luggages. We are not responsible for tracking the luggage and consequently for their lack at the destination.

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The carrier and its agencies reserve the right to sell the unconfirmed places by phone. The owner of a reservation is obliged to present himself at boarding at the vehicle or agency, as the case with minimum 30 min. Any changes required after booking is subject to the Regulation on cancellation, rescheduling or returning the value of reservation and ticket.

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In this case we have the following possible situations: In case of cancellation of the race for reasons of force majeure, from the carrier, all reservations will be reprogrammed according to the acceptance of the traveler.

If the force majeure lasts more than 5 days, then the traveler is entitled to the return value of ticket of journey or reprogramming of its limited places available.

Eu sunt Edi.

If the resignation occurs in the time interval located between 48 and 24 hours before the time of boarding, then it can reschedule the trip for a future date depending on customer requirements without any additional costs.

If the waiver is made on the day of embarkation, then the obligation to refund any money from the carrier does not subsist. If the traveler wants to change the boarding race, it can be done only 48 hours before boarding.

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The carrier is not responsible for the passenger's luggage, both the way and the hand luggage. The carrier is not responsible in case of loss, theft or damage of goods and valuables such as money, jewelry, art objects, cameras, video, computers, electronics Deterioration of goods in case of traffic accidents in which is involved means of transport, online dating slough borne by the insurance company at which the carrier holds insurance policies.

The carrier shall make every effort to transport the passenger and his luggage within a reasonable time.

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The Times indicated on the ticket, schedules and other documents are not guaranteed and are not part of the transport contract.