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Thermal insulation, sealing, finishing and design of a garage door, as well as quiet operation, speed, smart opening, low power consumption, battery back-up, warranty period are a series of factors whose analysis lead to an intelligent acquisition of the garage door. Each Günther Tore garage door is custom made. Thus, we encourage every customer to configure their garage door according to their expectations.

This feature offers high mechanical stability.

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Protection against corrosion and finish of the sheet are tested in independent laboratories, both in terms of mechanical resistance, with the Crock instrument, as well as in pop up speed​​ dating home house of corrosion resistance by extreme exposure to saline vapors for hours equivalent to 15 years in a coastal or industrially polluted region.

The heat transfer coefficient is calculated individually for the entire door, taking into account all the losses. The roller brackets and hinges are made of stainless steel AISI Besides the superior protection, the appearance of the door on the inside is indeed premium.

The embossing is "orange peel" type. Each of these panels has a "standard" range of up to 9 RAL colors, up to 3 wood decorations and up to 2 special decorations ADS Anthracite Gray, ADS Graphite and infinite range of decors applied by digital printing. However, choose any shade from the RAL product family, DB product family, wood or stone coatings to give your home a special customization or any custom image or pattern. The weight of the garage door is compensated by torsion springs or tension springs, both variants with a minimum lifespan of cycles.

If the torsion springs are quieter, the tension springs offer a more elegant interior appearance, being hidden in the vertical guiding rails. The garage doors with tension springs have certain limitations in size and configuration For easy pedestrian access, the garage door can, of course, be equipped with wicket door. The hinges are hidden and specially designed to remove the danger of trapping the fingers from the outside, even between the panels, when the door is closing.

As desired, the pedestrian door can have a "normal" threshold of mm or a "flat" threshold of 20mm, for easier access or passing with the bicycle wheels.

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For natural lighting inside your garage, you can choose from dozens of glazing options. You can choose the shape square, rectangular, round etc and the color of the window frame door color, other color or stainless steel pop up speed​​ dating home house, but also the type of window transparent, translucent.

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The operating noise and the operating vibrations of a non-compliant sectional door propagate through the structure of the building, causing discomfort. Each Gunther Tore garage door is designed with your help and sent to production using a complex software. The entire production process is completely automated, and the processing is done with the help of robots. Accuracy and precision are at the highest level. You can follow the production process here.

Also for quiet running we recommend the version with torsion springs.

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Premium high speed automation from Marantec - Germany C, C, C are equipped with belt transmission system. The smaller this is, the higher the thermal insulation. The coefficient is calculated automatically for each door separately and takes into account all the characteristics of the door dimensions, accessories, wicket door, etc. When the door is closed, all the rubber seals are pressed evenly and the outside appearance is impeccable.

In the lower part, the tubular gasket is doubled by an elegant skirt on the outside.

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On the vertical profiles and the horizontal one from the lintel double-skinned seals are installed. The joint between the sides is also very well carried out. When the entrance in the garage is done directly from the street, this can cause traffic shortcomings. If a conventional garage door with a height of 2. This means about one hour per year lost in front of the garage, waiting for the door to open.

A faster opening-closing cycle also helps reduce thermal losses by decreasing the time the door stays open. Naturally, the automations comply with all the safety regulations in force. All Marantec automations are compatible with the Maveo system.

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Thus you can manage from your mobile phone, even while on holiday, your garage door, as well as your Marantec automation of the entrance gate. GPS tracking will open a pop-up window on your phone as you approach the house, asking if you want to open the door. A presentation film can be found here. This cancels the attempt of forcing the lift of the door through a mechanical locking mechanism.

In the construction of such a house, the thermal insulation must be maximum and the energy consumption minimum.

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This ensures extremely low standby power consumption of only 0. Not being able to enter with the car in the garage in such situations is really unpleasant. It is equally unpleasant to leave the garage while in a hurry or in an emergency situation, if a power failure has occurred.

Manual decoupling and recoupling afterwards, takes time. The Back-up battery integrates perfectly into the C, C, C automation housing.

It can cope not only a simple opening, but the door can be used 8 times a day at a temperature of 20 degreesC. In the calculation are included all the ownership costs the initial cost, maintenance cost and energy savings. In addition, the Prestige garage door is a remarkable product in terms of finish and comfort in use.

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The sandwich panels have a thickness of 40mm and the same finish as the Prestige doors. Completează formularul și vei fi contactat de un reprezentant Gunther Tore în cel mai scurt timp posibil.