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See, when e and I were dating, it was really fun, you know, but we both sensed something was missing. Nu, dar amândoi știm cine o are. No, but we both know who does. Aș fi pentru acoperirea acestei mizerii dacă credeam că am putea, dar amândoi știm că va fi o nebunie. I'd be all for paving this mess over If I thought we could, but you and I both know There's going to be a feeding frenzy.

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Dră Stone, corectați-mă dacă greșesc, dar amândoi știm că nu e așa. Miss Stone, correct me if any of this is wrong, but you and I both know it's not. Apreciez sentimentul, domnule, dar amândoi știm că toți suntem necesari. I appreciate the sentiment, sir, but you both know we're all needed.

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Da, comandante, dar amândoi trebuie să veniți cu mine acum. Yes, commander, but you both Odată am ridicat un tigru, dar amândoi aveam trucurile noastre. I once raised a real tiger, but we both have our tricks.

O să reziste o vreme, dar amândoi știm că este slab.

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He'll hold out for a while but we both know he's weak. Nu, dar amândoi știm cum a crescut. No, but we both know roughage dating rob she grew up. Te face să crezi că am toată puterea, dar amândoi știm mereu ai fost tu.

You make me believe that I have all the power, but we both know it's always been you.

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Avem motive diferite, dar amândoi vrem ca Dewey să dispară. You and I have different reasons, but we both want Dewey gone. Crezi cã e un spectacol de putere, dar amândoi știm adevãrul. See, you think that's a show of power, but we both know the truth.

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Îți înțeleg suspiciunile, dar amândoi știm că aveam și eu acces la obiectul sustras. I understand your suspicion, but we both know whatever was taken, I probably have access to it. Pot sa o dovedesc, dar amândoi I can't prove it yet, but we both Nu am prădat eu magazinul Earl, dar amândoi știm că eram un păcătos. I didn't rob that store, Earl, but we both know I was a sinner.

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Mi-aș dori să se poată, dar amândoi știm cum stau lucrurile. I wish it were possible, but we both know that it isn't.

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Voi mânca fibrele tale, dar amândoi știm că nu de asta ești roughage dating rob. I will eat your roughage, but we both know that's not why you're here.

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Pot să o dovedesc, dar amândoi Mama, buna încercare, dar amândoi știm ca acesta este poneiul pe care sa pariezi. Mom, it's a nice thought, but we both know that this is the pony to bet on. Îi voi expune, dar amândoi știm că este un animal politic.

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I'll lay it out for him, but we both know he's a political animal. Possibly inappropriate content Unlock Examples are used only to help you translate the word or expression searched in various contexts.

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