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BTS and other idols works their butts off, yet people keep criticizing them.

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It's maddening. They do it for themselves, they do it for their fans, they do it to sulli taemin dating allkpop and fulfill their dreams. Imagine falling asleep on an airplane on a Friday afternoon in the US and waking up when you land in Korea on a Saturday morning, then it takes you Yes, they put their names on the dotted lines to be idols.

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They already work their butts off for us on-stage, they don't need to be "on" off-stage. Fame comes at a hefty price. I haven't experienced it firsthand, but I have experienced it secondhand.

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Some agencies can be really underhanded and screw over their talent, and others will treat their talent like royalty. You have to find a good agency that values you as a human being, not a piece of property or a cash cow.

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They have images to uphold, too. They can be yelled at for anything. Julianna MartinezAcum 4 luni That is why I love bts because they are always will their is no word that I can put together that can describe bts Julianna MartinezAcum 4 luni I wish that they would no longer have to put a fake smile if they know they are sad so in the future please don't force yourself to smile not for us armies but smile for yourself but if you are happy ok Moarmy.

Take more time than 3 months out of the year to breathe.


Remember your only human. But it's heartbreaking to see how much effort they put into being perfect just to quiet the haters.

Istoria trupei Debut și Lumea strălucitoare Pe 22 maiprimul mini-albumReplaya fost lansat de marca SM Entertainment. Mini-albumul a intrat în topurile muzicale coreene la numărul 10 și a ajuns pe locul al optulea la vârf, vânzând Albumul a debutat pe locul 3, cu Numărătoarea inversă.

We love you BTS. Even when you are less than perfect. It's okay to mess up.

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You're only human. Jennie injured her ankle then went on stage the next day, the girls are so tired because they never get a break at concerts.

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I really hope they will be ok in the future. I am so disappointed in A. Y Ashok KumarAcum 4 luni I remember one time they were doing a meet and greet and one man just walked past everyone to be with RM and like you could see the sadness and disappointment on their face it was so invisible they genuinely looks so sad like they were about to cry I felt so bad.

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