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I'm also one such player, so hopefully my insights will be helpful to you.

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Take note that my experience playing has covered both Early Access and post-release, online and offline. There are lots of summary-reviews already, so I thought I should come up with something more detailed. You have a HQ, where you customize characters, buy weapons and craft things.

You do into missions in various locations. It's narrative-heavy, and in order to progress, you'll have to do story-missions.

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However, there are also various side-missions. Honestly, this game is the best surprise I ever had in years.

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The surprise, however, did not come right away because I almost refunded the game. But I gave it a shot an Early Access no less! It has a slow start.

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You have to spend about four to five hours playing as Albus main character and Sion lightning guywhile being accompanied by the police force, who are very basic shooting units. HOWEVER, every so often you will play missions where you get the chance to play other interesting characters, some of them you can add to your team later.

Now you have different characters with various skills that you can modify to suit your playstyle.

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This skill system, which is the heart of the game, is known as the Mastery system. This is what allows you to come up with very flexible character builds. For example, let's take a swordsman.

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You want a swordsman who is tanky, aggros surrounding wow rating withmaking, and counterattacks everyone that tries to melee hit him? You can do that.

Or you want a swordsman who's fast and approach enemies quick? You can have that too.

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Or a swordsman who mainly strike enemies with ranged elemental attacks? Yeah you can have that.

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And that's only for the swordsman class. You have mages, fighters, gunmen, throwers, and many more: wow rating withmaking class you can further modify into totally wacky variations. Seriously, for instance, I have a sniper who basically won't stop shooting as long as she can one-hit everyone in full health, and a glass canon lightning master who chains lightning attacks.

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Masteries are skills that you get from defeating enemies. Masteries work as standalones, but can also be combined to produce stronger versions, and sometimes completely different types of masteries. There are active and passive masteries.

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Although some skills are limited to classes hackers, healers, etc or elements fire, wind, etcmost skills are universal. You can imagine Masteries like materials. Take this analogy: say you have a knife and a gun. You can use the knife and gun on their own. But if you combine them, now you have a gun with a bayonet.

Say you have a grenade launcher.

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